Startups…. Tasting Greece like a local! A conversation with two entrepreneurs in Athens

It’s a Monday. I scour the large cafeteria and opt for a table in the centre of the room. It’s late morning here at the Acropolis Museum in Athens. I take a look out towards the large veranda. Beyond that, a monument gazes down on us – an everlasting symbol of Ancient Greece. The Parthenon has taken a few beatings over its three plus millennia of existence, yet it has survived those beatings such as the bombing it suffered in 1687 during the Great Turkish War.

With Greece still in the midst of the financial crisis – it’s coincidentally the morning after another protest in nearby Syntagma Square – it’s easy to dreamily gaze at this magnificent temple with defiant thoughts that this country will survive the hardships of recent times in the same way as the Parthenon withstood its obstacles.

Other than being here and feeling patriotic, I’m actually here to meet two budding entrepreneurs who have recently embarked on a new venture and they arrive soon after me.