“Christian worked for me on my ongoing TV series, ‘The Kindness Diaries’, during his time in Los Angeles. I was looking for someone to bring something extra to the writing side of the show and he fitted the bill. With that in mind, I was recently looking to contribute in promoting my new book. ‘Live, Love, Explore’, and so I asked Christian if he’d write something on his Huffington Post blog, which he was more than happy to.”

Leon Logothetis, TV Host, Author, Speaker, World Traveller

“Christian gave generously of his site to write about the Giving Women conference on migrant women and refugees, which took place last October in Geneva. Christian wrote a clear and succinct introductory blog prior to the conference, in which he  prepared the way for readers on the issues the conference would address. He followed this with a lively account of the event, highlighting the key messages the conference communicated. Over the last year Christian has written blogs on  a variety of  subjects, which I always enjoy reading.”

Atalanti Moquette, Giving Women

“Christian is a passionate traveller and appreciates authenticity in every aspect of life. It is always a pleasure to read his articles, written in his own unique way, based on this virtue which is totally aligned with Aria Hotels’ philosophy”.

Dafni Kosmidou, Aria Hotels & Tourism SA

“Christian is very professional and passionate about his work, which results in great articles that highlight the key aspects of the interviewee and at the same time show his writing talent.”

Adam Petritsis, Yallou

“Christian is a really talented writer who speaks from the heart. His stories are original, sophisticated, going beneath the surface. I really enjoy reading his articles -his passion for travel is imparted from each word.”

Nikos Theodoris, Greeking.me

“Christian is a zealous correspondent. He searches out key stories and is always on the money.”

Austin Vince, The home of DIY Motorcycle Action!

“As one of the editors of the quarterly newsletter “Mill Hill Times” which is distributed to Old Millhillians in North America and Canada, I much appreciated the article that Christian, an OM himself from 1997-2002,  provided for inclusion in a recent issue. It is always a pleasure to include articles written by other OMs.”

John Henley, Mill Hill Times